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Learn Git and GitHub - Fastrack Your Journey to Git!

Learn complete Git and GitHub and kick start your DevOps Journey!

What you'll learn

  • Learn Everything about Git and GitHub
  • Kick start your DevOps Journey with Git
  • Understand how to Manage projects on GitHub
  • Learn how to contribute to Open Source Projects


Git is a Version Control System, where as GitHub is a centralized repository to host the code, so to enable team collaboration.

In this course you will learn about Git and GitHub and all the concepts pertaining to them. This course also talks about the use cases and workflows that you need to know as a developer.

You will not only understand the core part of Git and GitHub and how it works under the hood, but we will also explore a host of concepts that are very crucial for you to understand before you start contributing to Git projects.

Who can take this course?

  • People who are getting started with their developer journey
  • Manager/Team leads who lead a project
  • People who want to get started with their DevOps journey
  • Passionate learners who want to upgrade their skills for better job prospects

In this course you will also learn how to contribute to open source projects and build your online presence or to build credibility.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about Git and GitHub, and you don't have to refer to any other sources.

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