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Practical Understanding of PHP and MySQL

Learn to understand the core of PHP and MySQL.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the Practical uses of PHP
  • Learn to understand PHP Basics
  • Conceptualize abstract text and convert to PHP codes


Having thought for over 10 years at college level, I bring to you what is missing for free. To gain or acquire knowledge, you need to understand the concept of the topic, how it's used and when to use it. Most teachers are not doing that. Teaching is an art, it involves more than just taking screen shots or videos of what you are doing and telling people to do it with you.

Teaching involve explanations. You may follow an instructor to build a very cool app but would you be able to do it again by yourself? Only if you understood. You need to understand a topic before you can practice how it's used, but if you used it without understanding it, then you are not learning it. Take this course and learn to understand PHP. Convert abstract text to programmable meanings. 

Anyone from beginner can take this course.

If the speed is too slow for you depending on your region, use the speed function change the level that is best for you.

Thank you for considering this course.

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