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Selenium WebDriver Coding Exercises for Interviews

This course contains a list of 16 Selenium Webdriver coding exercises that will help you ace your java interview.

What you'll learn

  • Locate Web Elements. Learn how to find the elements and locate their state, take action and record the results.
  • WebDriver Methods. Try and take these exercises to test your skills learned. Each test has separate requirements which are being provided in the lecture.
  • Object-Oriented Programming Put your knowledge with these really fun exercises where you’ll be required to create focus and assert on the elements.
  • Page Objects. Play this game and learn which page objects are good or bad based on relevant page classes, components, and properties.
  • Automation Best Practices. See an even diagram of how common web applications behave
  • 45 Minute Production Level Framework and Paralelization


This course will guide you through the important Selenium WebDriver interview exercises. The goal is to help you brush up on your skills before heading out to a Java interview.

You’ll Learn:

Locating Web Elements.

  • 1-7 Steps of Selenium Script Quiz
  • Locators in Code Exercise
  • Inspection Quiz
  • Locators in Code Exercise Answer
  • Locating Web Elements Exam
  • Locating Web Elements Exam Answer

WebDriver Methods.

  • Action Quiz
  • Action Quiz Answer
  • Coding Exercises for ​​Methods

Object Oriented Programming

  • OOP Quiz
  • OOP Exam

Page Objects.

  • Page Objects Quiz
  • Page Objects Exercise
  • Page Objects Exercise Answer

Automation Best Practices.

  • Automation Pyramid Exercises

45 Minute Production Level Framework.

  • ATDA Quiz
  • ATDA Quiz Answer Pt 1
  • ATDA Quiz Answer P2
  • ATDA Quiz Answer P3
  • Add Inventory Component Quiz
  • Cleaning Up Code Quiz


  • Parallelization exercise
  • Refactoring exercise

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