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Java Beginners Course, Learn by coding the Hangman Game

You will learn all the essentials of Java programming, while having fun.

What you'll learn

  • Learn Java Programming Basics in an hour.
  • Apply the basics to the familiar HangmanGame.
  • Learn by having fun.
  • Learn: Variables, Decisions (if-else), For and While Loops and Arrays


Code the Hangman Game in Java. Learn programming basics with the Java Beginners Course. This is a super easy course to give you the basics of programming in Java. The essential basics is here all in this course, with a really fun and easy example of the Hangman Game.

We learn about data types like String, int, boolean, double and char. We learn about variables in programming. Then we learn all about repeating coding block using the famous for loops and while loops, decisions, arrays.

Every topic is merely a short few minutes long, to make sure that you use the time efficiently and you do not have to suffer extra long videos. We keep it brief and to the point.

We then put all the techniques together to give you an idea of how you could use the techniques to do something usefull such as create a game.

Of course you could practice the code and create much more interesting solutions to this Game. This is your challenge! 

Java is a very comprehensive coding language and there is of course a lot more to learn. This course provides a good start and we hope that we would see you soon for further courses.

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