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MERN- MongoDB [Aug-2022]

MongoDB Compass, MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB backup and restore

What you'll learn

  • Learn MongoDB and its features
  • Configuring the MongoDB
  • Understand the basic terminologies used in MongoDB
  • Learn CRUD operations
  • Understand the schema and Relations
  • Aggregation used in MongoDB and its types
  • Implementing the security features in MongoDB using MongoDB Atlas
  • Working with Migration steps from SQL to MongoDB


MongoDB is an open-source document-oriented database that is meant to store enormous amounts of data while also allowing you to work with that data efficiently. It is classified as a NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database since data in MongoDB is not stored and retrieved in the form of tables. This type of database is suitable for hierarchical data storage. In this course, you will set up an environment to execute MongoDB commands i.e., MongoDB compass, mongo Shell and also create a MongoDB Atlas workspace. Once the environment is configured, you will learn the features of MongoDB. Further, you will get to know the differences between MySQL and MongoDB and also explore CRUD operations performed in MongoDB i.e., insert, update, read, and delete operations. You will learn the different types of relations used in MongoDB which are one-to-one or one-to-many, and also define the aggregation in MongoDB along with its types. Defining the Security features in MongoDB to avoid data loss in the event of a disaster. Further, you will go through Studio 3T and its installation steps, which expands MongoDB’s accessibility even further with SQL Migration and migration steps from SQL to MongoDB. MongoDB provides some backup and restore methods in order to prevent the data from loss or corruption by taking the backup of the database and restoring the data.

Learn Backup and Restore methodologies

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