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SQL For Data Analysis

Use this program to excel your SQL knowledge specific to data analysis.

What you'll learn

  • Basic SQL Commands
  • Joins in SQL
  • Aggregations
  • Writing Subqueries
  • Data Cleaning in SQL


Introducing, the SQL For Data Analysis.

In this official course you will  be guided on different functionalities in SQL that are specific to Data analysis and videos are developed in easy terms and less technical so that any one without technical capabilities, can easily get through this course.

Introduction to SQL

  • Learn very basics in SQL


  • Learn INNER and OUTER join in the most easiest way.


  • Importance of NULL
  • Most commonly used aggregations in SQL
  • GROUP BY, HAVING, CASE statements in SQL
  • With practical demonstration

Sub Queries

  • Learn sub queries with practical examples

Data cleaning

  • Learn how to clean data in two useful use cases.

There are currently over more than half a million jobs related to SQL on LinkedIn. Many roles  like product analyst, data analyst, data scientist, business analyst, product manager, software engineer, and more require SQL to perform their day to day tasks. Nowadays employers are eager to get professionals with SQL skillset. SQL is the most in-demand skill, higher than other programming languages.

This course is for anyone who can basically operate computers and have some basic understanding on how to use excel spreadsheets. By the end of this course you will get yourself skilled up with a good basic foundations of SQL.

Ready to embark on your SQL data analysis journey? Let's get started!

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