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Developing Web Application using Angular JS[Sept 2022]

Angular JS, Angular JS modules and Events, Angular JS Directives, working with Ajax and Routing

What you'll learn

  • Learn Angular JS and its Key features
  • Setting up visual studio code IDE and configuring Angular JS
  • Understand how to create modules
  • Learn to create a webpage Using HTML,CSS, and JavaScript
  • Learn working with Events and Forms in Angular JS
  • Angular JS Directives
  • Implementation of Angular JS AJAX and Routing
  • Learn how to use Angular JS to build a web application
  • Understanding of the working of a simple webpage


AngularJS is an open-source front-end framework for JavaScript. According to 2020 data, almost 3,70,000 websites around the world use this technology. This course will help you to explore the core features of Angular JS such as data binding, modules, dependency injection, etc. A script element can be used to add AngularJS to a web page because it is provided as a JavaScript file. An interactive website component is made with Angular JS. Due to its efficiency, simplicity, and adaptability, it is a highly favoured framework. AngularJS can be described as a structural framework for dynamic web applications in more straightforward terms. In this course, you will learn to set up a development environment to execute Angular JS and here we are using Visual Studio Code as IDE, Once the environment is configured, you will learn the features, controllers, and modules in Angular JS and also learn how to create modules. Further you will understand the MVC Architecture, Angular JS scope, filters, and services, then you will explore events and forms in Angular JS, and also learn Angular AJAX and Routing, At the end of this course, you will have a better understanding of Angular JS and you will learn how to use Angular JS to build a web application that can perform CRUD operations.

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