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Datacamp FREE Access Week + XP Learner Challenge

Datacamp is making learning free and rewarding so everyone can upskill in data science

Win up to $3000* competing for prizes by earning XP. (Ends Nov 13, 2022)

  • Discover our learning platform
  • Unrestricted access to 380+ courses in Python, SQL, Power BI, R and more
  • How to participate: Join Free Week and start earning XP with the community to unlock prizes
  • Learn as much as you can and get a chance to win bonus XP with our Accelerator Competition.
  • Access our entire course library for free!

Every XP counts towards a total community goal to unlock prizes. 

Bonus: our XP Accelerator Competition comes with a 50K XP reward for the winner.

Community XP of 250m unlocks individual and daily prizes

Two types of prizes: most XP earned all week, and most XP earned daily.

  • Weekly XP Leaderboard prizes: $1.25k for 1st place, $1k for 2nd place, $750 for 3rd place, $500 for 4th place, $400 for 5th place, and $300 each for 6th-10th
  • Highest XP per day wins an additional $250 prize every day of Free Week

XP volume measured between Nov 7 9 AM - Nov 13 11:59 PM ET.

Community XP of 500m doubles the rewards!

All weekly and daily prizes will be doubled if the community exceed over 500m XP.

Plus three extra spot prizes to be announced.

Only course and competition based XP counts. Read full T&C here.

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