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Microsoft Excel Ultimate BEGINNER Course

Microsoft Excel Basics, Hacks, Tips & Shortcuts

What you'll learn

  • Learn Microsoft Excel Basics
  • Learn Microsoft Excel the fun way, in an engaging way
  • Learn Microsoft Excel Excel Formulas
  • Learn Microsoft Excel Shortcuts
  • Learn Microsoft Excel Hacks to Increase your productivity


This course is a very basic level entry Microsoft Excel Tutorial. If you are intermediate, you might still learn a few shortcuts or productivity tips.

I am going to go through the Microsoft Excel Built-in Template "Welcome to Excel". That you can open on your computer at the same time as I do it (which I highly recommend that you do in order to solidify the learnings)

I could summarize this video with the followings : Microsoft Excel basics, charts, formulas, your go to place to learn excel from zero. Mainly beginner and intermediate level.

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