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Learning to Learn [Efficient Learning]

Become an efficient learner, improve your memory and productivity, and become the best version of yourself. You'll learn to outperform others (and your current self!) by using strategies, techniques, and skills that are proven by the latest scientific research and are being used by many of the world's top performers!

Taught by: Andrei Neagoie


  •  Memory Techniques
  •  Learning Strategies
  •  Personal Productivity
  •  Mindset and Framing for learning
  •  Performance Optimization
  •  Critical Thinking
  •  Study Skills and how to improve them
  •  Personal Development when it comes to your career
  •  How to focus better and avoid procrastination
  •  Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, and Brain Training (how to train your brain using the latest research)

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to gain an edge.

The goal of this course is to go beyond the self-help fluff. There is no shortage of that stuff out there.

We're also not here to make you feel good without actually giving you anything tangible to do.

This course is here to provide you with actual strategies you can immediately start implementing into your life to reach your goals faster.

The beauty of learning how to learn is that if you learn it once, you can apply it over and over throughout your life.

One of the best parts of this course (and all ZTM courses) is that you won't be learning alone.

By enrolling today, you’ll also get to join our exclusive live online community classroom of dedicated lifelong learners. You'll get to learn and grow alongside thousands of students, alumni, mentors, TAs and Instructors.

If you're reading this, you are the type of person who likes taking initiative and improving their abilities to become a better version of themselves. The good news is that you already have the drive you need. Many people don't.

Now, you just need to make sure you learn the right tools and strategies for you to use your time wisely.

Instead of working hard and inefficiently, you are going to learn how to work smart and efficiently, to perform better and learn faster.

This course is all about making use of our limited and valuable time in the right way so that as we continue to learn throughout our lives, we are able to use the right learning techniques and strategies to make sure we are not wasting any of our time.

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